Hi. I decided that I was going to release the source code for my next game, as it was being created, so I might as well keep a developer journal as well

Give me a job! I am currently looking for work in the hand held game industry. I am hard working, very dedicated and have 3 years of professionl C programming experience. All serious offers will be considered. You can contact me at

This page is inspired by the good work One Man Band and the rest of the team at Savage Pixel. Their making the game column used to run irregularly at pocket.ign

So here it is Faking the Lame - One games odyssey from lowly beginnings to whatever it becomes before I get bored and can it.

All code compiled and tested under gbdk v 2.1.0 (an oldie but a goodie)

Release 5 - Music, New rotation system (12 Mar 2001)

dropv1.5.zip (294 k)
Version 1.5 Tonnes of new stuff!

This is a major new version. Where is v1.4 you say? Well it was entered in the y2kode compition. Sadly it didn't win a prize.

The Future

Next time on Outlasting the game I will add a few options (like turning sound off) and another game type and a few small bug fixes.

And then this game is done, and on to the next exciting thing

Release 4 - Start of the quest mode (14 Feb 2001)

dropv1.3.zip (48 k)
Version 1.3 Quest mode! still very basic

Only 1 change that I can think of for this version - A quest mode. In reality this makes for a whole new gameplay experience, so I hope you all like it.

Release 3 - Learning the limitations of the GBC (8 Feb 2001)

dropv1.2.zip (48 k)
Version 1.2 High Scores, game over, combos

Added a bunch of stuff - including

Release 2

dropv1.1.zip (42 k)
Version 1.1 basic improvements

I added some intro pages, but I still haven't given the game a title. I really like the score that comes up when you get a line, and it was quite easy to put in!

Some things to notice:

Also if you want to tweak gameplay a bit here are some good variable to change in the init_board() function. I will have a menu to a few styles of play eventually

Release 1

dropv1.0.zip (13 k)
Version 1.0 The basic engine

I decided to port one of the PC games that I made to the gameboy during a long weekend. This is the result of 4 hours of hacking away at the PC code.

Some things to notice:

people have been tricked into coming here