Latest Screen Shots

Here is the latest game I am working on.
You can find the earier games from this series here [S World 1] and here [S World 2].
They are both for the game boy and game boy color

All coded, compiled and tested under GCC with Visual Boy Advance

Release 5 - The Ultimate Release (100 k)
  • Secondary weapons
  • Many new enemies, including boss enemies
  • Everything becomes ultimate!

Release 4 (105 k)
  • Difficulty Levels added
  • Luscious multilayer scrolling backgrounds
  • A couple of new enemies
  • Probably some other stuff I am forgetting
  • Continue and Options menu items aren't enabled yet, so don't bother trying

Release 3 (105 k)
Version 0.0003 Greediness increased 1000%

Well, The main new thing is coins that get dropped when you kill the green aliens, and are used to buy weapon upgrades and changes. This really makes the game heaps more interesting.

Some other minor things

Release 2 (29 k)
Version 0.0002 The basic engine + a bit more

The layout of the code is settling into place now. I should hopefully switch a lot of stuff to call back functions, and put in some more comments for the next version, but instead I will probably just insert more badly thought out and documented stuff :-)

I am quite happy with the misc actors (explosions and sparkles) as they are now. I wouldn't mind setting up a system so they don't have to be limited to just 20 in total, but that would require a little bit of time and thinking.

I have lots of good ideas about the intros for this game, and the way I am going to have powerups and different ships and stuff working, but now I have to find 100s of hours to work on the program to get them all going.

Some things to notice:

Release 1 (13 k)
Version 0.0001 The basic engine

I have started work on the next S World game. This is version 1 simply because it is the first version I have released. Please feel free to use this code in any way you feel inclined too.

Some things to notice:

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