Do you want to learn to write games for the Game Boy Color? Here are a bunch of examples to help you learn how, and some libraries to make programming easier. I hope they help you write the next million seller.


A full featured puzzle game, and developer diary. Includes full source! (25 k)
My entry into the 1st Lik-Sang contest. It came 10th place. Full GBDK source (34 k)
My entry in the 4th Bung contest. It came ??? place.

GBDK code examples (13 k)
Save and load high score tables, including name entry (version 2) (13 k)
A variable width font library. Source included (13 k)
DragonEagles GBDK printer library extended to work correctly. (8 k)
Display a string on the screen in the window. The string will be word wrapped automatically. (7 k)
Save and load a picture in drawing mode (35 k)
Display the bung logo on the screen, from bank2 (10 k)
Sample program showing how to load tiles into the second tile bank (12 k)
Sample program showing how to change the tile palettes (set tile attributes)

Other gameboy stuff (7 k)
Creates a global variable _gba to show if the program is running on a gba
textpacker.exe (57k)
Squish a bunch of strings into a minimal space, without actually compressing it. Requires the to run (3061 k)
The Powerbuilder 5.04 runtime dlls. Used to run the textpacker program.

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